Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey, Jesus Freaks. Mind Your Own Business. I'll say "Happy Holidays" if I want to.

The "War on Christmas."  

According to conspiracy theory ultra-right wing Christians, it's being waged right now - and it's just getting harder and harder for those Christians to win this "War."  

You see, these pinhole-eyed shitsmear Jesus Freak losers seem to think that here - in America - we should be jamming Jesus down everyone's throats because this is a "Christian Nation."  To them, t's a place where Christ should be in schools, in government, in every home.

It's a place where if you're a Muslim, or a Unitarian, or a Jew, or any other religion, you're automatically suspect of any number of transgressions - from Satanism to terrorism.  Because these knuckle-dragging simpletons, most of whom haven't even read the book they hold so dear to their hearts, can't grasp the concept that here in America - as long as it doesn't draw blood - you can believe pretty much ANYTHING YOU WANT. 

So, they get offended when people say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."  And they can't get why a large portion of the population seems to be upset by mangers on government property. And it makes their blood boil that some people don't want to pray to or worship a God that isn't a part of their faith.

To them, I say this - Fuck off. 

"Happy Holidays."  Big deal.  Why does that offend you? Why shouldn't you be sensitive to the fact that there might just be someone you're saying "Merry Christmas" to who doesn't buy into the ludicrous story that a "virgin" gave birth to the "Son of God"? Why is it so difficult for you to try to include other people once in a while instead of being so fucking arrogant and smug that you have to make the entire world either be on your side, or your enemy?  

And since you're so anti-tampering with Christmas, why don't you lay off trying to Christianize Halloween? Ooh, "it's the Devil's night." Give me a break. Practice what you preach, dickholes.

Calm the fuck down and let people have their own beliefs.

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Think for your self said...

"Happy Holidays" every one!!! I agree with you fully. I am dealing with a ex wife that found Jesus and has gone way over board with it. I see her loosing contact with reality every time I talk to her. Exp: if I talk to her about my daughter doing her home work or participating in a school play she brings Jesus into it. WTF I do not get it. she wants to thank Jesus instead of thinking our daughter is smart and talented and is working hard to do well in school. when my daughter is with me it let her know she is doing great and all her hard work is paying off and that's why she is getting straight A's Like I said I don't get it. Jesus is not there with me and her for hours studying for a big test or doing home work. And to all you Jesus freaks out there keep it to your self and stop pushing it on every one around you. And your not better than every one else. just because you go to church and put on the act does not mean your shit don't stink to! I was married to this woman and her lying cheating greedy controlling nasty self is the furthest thing from a Christian. I find most Christians not all. Are horrible people on the inside and hide behind the faith to make them selves feel better about them selves. My grandmother has always told me that church obsessed people are some of the worst and cruelest people in the world and her father was a minister. "SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS".