Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why I Love New York, #3

Up close with the damnation that takes place on 53rd Street.

From Wikipedia:
A stalactite (Greek stalaktites, (Σταλακτίτης), from the word for "drip" and meaning "that which drips") is a type of speleothem (secondary mineral) that hangs from the ceiling or wall of limestone caves. It is sometimes referred to as dripstone.
Now, one expects to see things of this nature at Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They're natural. But in New York - the last thing one expects - or wants - to see is a stalactite collection.

Milky slime looms above, waiting to strike!

Yet there is quite an impressive stalactite display at the Seventh Avenue stop on the B & E lines at 53rd Street, one that has been forming for years and is growing larger each and every day. 

At first glance, one might assume that these dripping, dangling masses of milky madness are caused by the winter weather - but one would be wrong. These entities are there year-round, dripping their clouded elixir of misery and shame onto unsuspecting subway passengers day and night. 

The residue that collects throughout this station is horrifying and deadly.

What caused these Hellish stalactites' formation in the first place, and what aids in their growth? Is there hobo corpse gel in their mixture, or rodent urine? Most likely both. 

All I know is that each and every time I walk into this subway station, which is daily since I work directly above it, I feel as if I need to go into a decontamination booth and get scrubbed down a la Silkwood

This shit is nasty, y'all.

Nubs of misery coagulate like Great Teats, excreting a vile 
substance no thinking creature would dare attempt to suckle.


CRD said...

Mmmm, Frosting.

verybecca said...

Mmm...hobo corpse gel, my favorite kind of corpse gel.

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